Top 5 Casino Bars in Las Vegas

Traveling to Las Vegas on a budget is attainable, and venturing to some of its most acclaimed bars doesn’t have to break banks if you’re carefully with your money. Let’s face it: there’s no better way to experience Vegas than within its plethora of casino bars.

Like with any developing or lucrative market place, businesses have to evolve and adapt to their changing industries. The casino industry is no different, and in the 21st century, many external variables over the last 20 years have had huge, if not catastrophic, effects on many of the leading establishments’ profit margins.

That’s why today’s casinos don’t only offer the expected array of gaming options to their clientele but also many niche facilities that 20 years ago, a casino wouldn’t have offered. Now, most of the luxurious casinos along the Las Vegas strip have arenas for music, magicians, theater production, as well as 5-star restaurants.

But today, instead of looking at the many various restaurants that casinos have built in-house, we thought we’d focus on the best bars that Vegas has to offer. So, here are our favorite 5 bars located in Las Vegas casinos that are frequented not only by the locals but the 41 million people who visited the city last year.

Minus 5 – Mandalay Hotel and Casino

As far as unique bars go, Minus 5 was one of the first ice bars to gain column inches. The bar’s temperature is a modest -5 degrees and visitors have to be clothed in thick coats and gloves that are provided by the bar upon entry. The bar’s furniture is also sculpted out of ice, as well as the many furnishings that litter the bar. The main drink here: vodka, in abundance.

Circle Bar – Hard Rock Casino

The Circle Bar is the epicenter of the Hard Rock Casino and often is the starting point for many partygoers before heading off to the various nightclubs. It has lucrative happy hours between 4pm-8pm that many take advantage of and give people the ideal view of the rest of the casino.

Chandelier Bar – Cosmopolitan

Oh, the Chandelier Bar. Not only aesthetically eye-catching but as many creativity goes, this bar probably tops the rest. It’s also the ideal bar if you want a cocktail in Las Vegas as it has been gaining quite a reputation of late as being the best cocktail bar on the strip.

The Chandelier Bar is in fact made up on several bars that occupy three floors at the Cosmopolitan. The different floors cater for anything from their own unique impression of the actual original Cosmopolitan cocktail to a bar that’s designed purely for the elegant lady.

Red Square – Mandalay Bay

A bar dedicated to arguably Russia’s finest export: vodka. The Red Square boasts more than 200 varieties of vodka, and all the other quintessential affluent Russian delicacies such as caviar and ice cold beer.

The bar also tries to replicate Russia as best it can: decked out in red, and its furniture is predominantly a rustic wood just like you’d expect if you were in a bar in Moscow. The bar’s easy to find, too, as it’s situated close to the headless statue of Lenin.

Rhumbar – Mirage

Our final bar on the list, Rhumbar is a multi-cultural contemporary haven for the ultra cool. Playing anything from jazz music, to reggae to classic swing, it draws huge crowds to its famous patio. The décor is uber classy, decked out in all white.

As the benchmark continues to be raised by the launch of new, innovative bars in Las Vegas, people will surely see a lot more extravagant cocktail bars hit the strip in the not too distant future. And with the U.S. government beginning to regulate online casino portals once more according to CBSNews, land-based casinos will be looking for ways to entice online gamers that can no longer play at the comfort of their own home.

Ever since the first casino portal went live two decades ago through the groundbreaking InterCasino, many leading Vegas establishments looked to raise their services and offer the paying customer more entertainment options than just merely their gaming floors. But with adversity, that’s when we see the true innovators of the game, and essentially, the casinos are forced to launch awesome bars like the aforementioned five.

Christine Gerani

Christine Gerani

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Christine Gerani

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