Steve Rapp’s  music is a multi-cultural genre of rock and roll, blues, soul, and contemporary sounds that leave you wanting more. Each song is a different production of his heart, the lyrics fulfill a deep sense of love and life like no other Seattle rocker. – Alysia Stern 

Hailing from the legendary music town of Seattle comes singer/songwriter, bass player and Avant-garde musician, Steve Rapp.

Steve grew up with abrasive, often undesirable circumstances, but he chose to make music his paramour for most of his life. “In 7th grade, I picked up the clarinet and then bass guitar, took some lessons, and made a band with friends.”

After high school, Steve joined the Army Infantry, where he was magnanimously awarded an Audie Murphy Infantry Award by his platoon. Eventually, Steve ended up working in the aircraft industry. During this time, he elevated his skills while advancing in his craft. “I traveled around chasing jobs in North Carolina, Texas, California, and Washington. Along the way, I picked up the acoustic guitar and taught myself how to play. It just came naturally; I created my own music.”

The band’s Avant-garde style leaves room for endless possibilities; their future road of creativity is an open canvass. The birth of Steve’s daughter was also a turning point in his career. He has chosen to pursue a full time music pilgrimage. “Playing music is when I experience contentment. Nothing else has offered me that.”

Steve shares the same birthday as John Lennon, his wife is also named Yoko; this may be one reason why his non-violent, encouraging funk, rock, blues music is spellbinding. When a rugged, rock voice resembling Sammy Hagar meets a blues, funk female who parallels a younger Aretha Franklin, you can envision his song “Think I’m in Love.” His harmonica based song “Sophisticated Lady” could mirror and reflect a modern day Neil Young.

With a new recording of a song for the Peace One Day Organization and a few more singles due out, Steve says, “The next song up is a heavy duty Alice n Chains old school style Seattle rock song, and then we are doing a Spanish infused song. I’m heading over to Japan in a couple of weeks and will be throwing together a few local Japanese musicians whom have expressed interest in playing. While in Japan I plan to start a girl’s rock camp as well.”

With the support of his beautiful wife and band, Steve maintains his desire to create. As far as upcoming plans he “will finally lay down a full album that’s been long overdue due.”

From Kurt Cobain on down, Seattle has had a rich music history. Steve Rapp continues in this proud tradition.

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