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I would like to eat some lunch then take a walk in the park  -Dr. Maraboli

A quote said by Dr. Steve Maraboli, a man known by hundreds of thousands of people for his inspirational quotes and life changing writing. A man who wrote four books, and all made it to the bestseller list with number five on the way. Ironically enough as we chatted over lunch this is one thing he said that I couldn’t forget.


Dr. Steve Maraboli

A brilliant insightful man, who is filled with wisdom, complex knowledge, and passion, and yet at the end of the day enjoys the simplest beauties life has to offer.

We are most honest during our most vulnerable times. He taught me. Embrace the good times, hold on to them, soak them in, but don’t forget about the hard times. Use them, learn from them, embrace them all the same and express the emotions they bring with them. Dr. Maraboli shared with me some of travels, his love for history, and even the new psychology course he developed that will soon be offered at top Long Island Universities. His accomplishments were overwhelming, yet all the while he remained very modest, where many people in his position might boast, Dr. Steve was humble.

We talked about how everyone can relate to relationships in life. People in your life will come and go.  His advice was to surround yourself with supportive people. As we talked, I continued to think about that advice.

I thought about the important role people play in our lives, sometimes we do not even realize how much they really impact us. The good people are the people who ignite that fire inside you, the fire that inspires you, and drives you to your goals, not the ones that blow out your flame. Toxic people in your life act as wet matches, they are unsupportive in your ultimate goals, you can’t light a fire with a wet match right?  Keep a good bunch handy, because when you feel lost a good set of matches can assist you on long journey, a good set of friends, family, or co-workers can help you reach your goals.  When you let go of the negative people, you can then grow, move forward and ignite.

“There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a person being themselves. Imagine going through your day being unapologetically you.”  ―  Steve Maraboli,  Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

Dr. Steve made me feel inspired, and to feel truly inspired is a magical thing. Inspiration lives inside you, it’s more than a thought it is a feeling.  One you feel as real, apparent, and raw as the feeling of pain or love. Inspiration resides in your heart. When moments of Inspiration arise you feel it start with the beat of your heart then rapidly move throughout your entire body through the blood in your veins.

Contrary to what the masses believe, Dr. Steve Maraboli taught me that wisdom does not necessarily come with age, but rather with our experiences and actions. So as we finished our lunch, and parted ways I asked Dr. Maraboli one final question, and his answer made me smile. I asked him “What are your future plans?” his answer was simple and honest. “I would like to eat some lunch, then take a walk in the park.” And he did just that.

By: Brittany Bluchip Winter & Karin Caro

Christine Gerani

Christine Gerani

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Christine Gerani

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