Christopher Giles is singer/songwriter signed to Spectra Records, looking to create music from the heart to echo the reflections of love. With years of performing experience under his belt, his desire to create, encourage and inspire those around him through his gift of music. Chris is a lover of God and country and that comes across in his lyrics and spirit. Our Interview with Christopher Giles…starts now!

11092817_800591840025456_851965454167540124_oEvery song you sent me was incredible where do you find the inspiration to write such great rock anthems?

HA! ROCK Anthems… I LOVE the sound of that! For me, as a songwriter I desire to evoke passion, energy, and emotion through my music. So, I don’t typically set out with a style/genre song, more along the lines of a feel. BIG or Powerful might be a more honest approach. I got into music singing in cover bands, doing Rock mostly so I have a comfort there for sure!

Where did you grow up and what kind of music did you listen to?

I tell ya, I am a walking contradiction by the world’s standards…hehehe… But I am so thankful for all my various inputs, as it has made me such a diverse artist. I grew up in small town Maine, my dad training horses so it was a daily work routine to say the least. It instilled a work ethic in me, that still holds true. I listen to rock in the 80’s, but also began gravitating to R&B which is still my favorite genre. Any music that I can connect with emotionally are the songs I’ll be playing on repeat! 

I want to focus on “I Can’t Breathe” which I understand is not on your album but released. I love this song and I hope everyone gets a chance to listen to it! You wrote on YouTube “ The heartbreak being felt in this country needs to be counter acted with Love.” Explain.

Oh wow, thank You so much for bringing up that song. I have such a pull to it, and it seems right now in this country it is so relative. I tend to seek the positive & love side of the world. Or at least I try! I am a believer, and have seen God do miraculous things through Love. All we seem to see on the news is violence, anger, hate, in-equality and it’s absolutely heartbreaking to me. LOVE is a choice, and we must choose it daily! Issues arise on a personal level or on a global level once we resort to selfish ways. This song is a wake up call, a reminder of equality, and that WE are one body of people sharing this planet! If we viewed each other as beings, if we chose to try and love each other without expectation, and if we can choose to make an impact daily then we can make a change!

“Lights in Stereo” I want to blast out of my car, windows down on a hot summers day. It has such a great vibe! What was it like working with Rusty Wilmot?

LOVE “Lights in Stereo”… I wrote that song coming back from Las Vegas, after Joy & I met friends out there to celebrate our anniversary! I am so head over heels in love with my wife, most of my songs are about her, us or some variable off our life. Rusty Wilmot, so much to say about this incredible person. He is my producer, he’s been my guitarist, He’s my dear friend and Brother!! I have never met anyone more musically talented than Rusty. Music is His gift & language, and he views and translates it on a different level than most. I am so blessed & honored to have that opportunity! 

Who’s the cook in the family?

Cooking… HANDS DOWN My wife Joy is the cook… She is so wonderful and such a Great cook. Why you ask? Because she caters meals to everyone in the family! Thoughtful, sacrificial, and done with LOVE! Best ingredient!! I do enjoy cooking, but I really find it hard to make time… Joy’s better anyway!! 

If you can have one thing to eat on a dessert island what would it be?

Trust me when I say, You could of said any food and the answer would be the same… I am an Ice Cream Addict! That is my one weakness! I think it’s hereditary, as it seems to run in the family! 

Dare to Pair?

What better way to enjoy the warmth of the season but with Ice Cream! Enjoy a little Rocky Road inspired recipes with this rocker’s song “Light in Stereo”!

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