Divorce Attorney, David P. Badanes Esq., Shares 5 Effective Ways To Survive a Divorce


Suffolk County Divorce Attorney, David P. Badanes Esq., Shares 5 Effective Ways To Survive a Divorce

Suffolk divorce lawyer David Badanes Esq. shares survival tips for Long Islanders going through a divorce. The Suffolk County divorce attorney’s blog has become an increasingly important resource for the local community.

Northport, NY February 19, 2014

David P. Badanes Esq., Long Island’s leading Suffolk County Divorce attorney, shares five effective ways to survive a divorce. According to Mr. Badanes, divorce will not only affect a person’s finances, it can affect a person’s livelihood and well-being.

The survival tips he offers have helped many of his clients cope with the stress during divorce proceedings. His survival tips range from joining a support group to engaging in productive activities, such as seeking counseling, and even participating in a hobby.

“Going through a divorce can be extremely stressful for both parties,” says the divorce lawyer. “The key is to maintain a positive lifestyle and to keep yourself occupied with positive activities that promote good health.”

According to medical experts, divorce can take a major toll on a person’s health. Many people who have gone through a divorce have suffered various illnesses, such as: Divorce Stress Syndrome (DSS). The most common symptoms of DSS include: insomnia, panic attacks and even crippling back pain.

Scientists claim that when people involve themselves in meaningful activities that are fun, endorphins are released in the brain. This has a positive effect on a person’s overall health.
Here are a few of the activities that Mr. Badanes recommends when going through a divorce:

1. Seek professional counseling. Counseling gives people the opportunity to engage themselves in anxiety recovery. It also gives a person a safe and secure place where he/she can share problems freely in a positive environment.

2. Engage in a hobby. When a person is involved in a hobby, it gives him/her something positive to look forward to in life. It can also help keep a person’s mind off of the divorce.

3. Do something fun once a week. Doing something fun at least once a week can also give a person something to look forward to during the week. It can be something as simple as going to the movies, cooking a favorite meal at home or reading a bestseller.

4. Join a support group. Joining a support group with people who are going through a divorce, can make the divorce process easier to handle. There are several online and offline support groups for couples going through divorce or separation.

5. Understand that change is difficult. Divorce is considered one of the most difficult challenges that people face. Accepting the fact that divorce is difficult to handle on your own will make the process less complicated and easier to face.

To find out more information about Mr. Badanes’ divorce survival tips, you can review his article entitled: “Five Ways To Survive Your Divorce” on his website blog at: http://www.dbnylaw.com/five-ways-to-survive-your-divorce.

About The Badanes Law Office:

Mr. David P. Badanes, Esq. is a licensed divorce lawyer in Suffolk County, NY. His offices are located in Northport, NY and Garden City, NY. As an experienced Long Island divorce attorney, he specializes in Contested Divorce, Uncontested Divorce, Divorce Mediation, Child Support, Child Custody, Visitation, Asset Division and more. Mr. Badanes is passionate about helping couples go through the divorce process – not just on paper, but in life.

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